10 Mental Health Blog Posts You Need to Read


I did a poll on Twitter a while ago asking if anyone would be interested in reading a list of my favourite mental health posts from other bloggers. I have put together a collection of posts which include advice and personal stories on a variety of mental health issues. I hope you find them as interesting and useful as I do!

  1. Breathing in a Panic
  2. The Taboo of Tablets
  3. When Your Mental Health Affects Your Job
  4. Using Mindfulness to Choose Happiness
  5. 10 Things to Remember When You’re Having a Bad Day
  6. How to Deal with Anxiety While Living Alone
  7. Anxiety: 5 Positive Steps for Improvement
  8. Lack of Sleep with Depression: How to Cope
  9. Labels, Diagnosis and Mental Health
  10. The First Steps to Getting Help

Comment below if you have come across any posts that you think should have made the list!

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